Finally Found Someone: A Movie Review



I am a certified #ashlloyd fan. I watched their trilogy countless times and still get kilig every. single. time. I just watched It Takes a Man and A Woman recently to refresh my memory of the tandem before watching this most recent AshLloyd offering.

I also watched the Finally Found Someone trailer and music video a gazillion times on YouTube coupled with the pair’s GGV interviews, movie presscon etc. I listened to I Finally Found Someone and I Just Fall in Love again on Spotify just because I was so into it.

I am that much of a fan. So here goes my first ever review of the 4th film of this incredibly addicting love team.

Verdict: 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

The movie starts off pretty slow. The build up to the premise was weak. And I dare say it, felt contrived.

Sorry Star Cinema (I love the AshLloyd trilogy, don’t get me wrong), but this latest AshLloyd plot really felt contrived. The lines scripted, forcing the lead characters in a less than believable situation of a PR guy wanting to fix a disgruntled bride’s relationship with her cowardly runaway fiancee all because of a mayor’s insistent desire to clean up his son’s name as he aims to run for public office. 

To begin with, Randy (played by Enchong Dee, Sarah’s fiancee) seem too young to be an aspiring mayor. But if we do decide to believe it, the mayor’s intervention at building his son’s reputation seems misplaced in our culture where “hiya” and “delicadeza” take precedence. I would think that creating even more hype over an unfortunate situation seems the last thing a public figure would do to save the son’s tarnished name. 

Ok, so back to the plot. Raffy (John Lloyd’s character) and Aprilyn (Sarah) are thrown into this convoluted plot of trying to save what’s left of Aprilyn’s relationship with Randy with the vain hope of placing Randy’s name in a positive light in the public eye (Raffy’s motive) and for Aprilyn to reunite with her missing-in-action fiancee (Aprilyn’s motive).

Long story short, they fall in love.

The second half was a lot better when their characters started to know each other’s quirks and life stories and actually influences each other to become better in their journey towards finding their “truths”.

AshLloyd’s palpable kilig-overload chemistry came in full bloom when Raffy (Cruz) was trying to woo Aprilyn (Geronimo) to forgive him when she discovered that he was just manipulating her so she will go with the fake for-PR-only story that Raffy was trying to create.

Four years after AshLloyd’s last film do you realize that theie sizzling chemistry never diminished. And it actually what saw the movie through.

The clips of the two leads’ seeming outtakes and adlibs added realism to the already overflowing kilig of their every scene together.

Indeed, a weak plot and even weaker lines did not get in the way of the pair’s on-screen charm and charisma. And this is a marker that the AshLloyd team-up is here to stay, regardless of story and directing.

Beyond the superflous premise, the movie poses questions that hit home, making you think and ponder about what lies underneath all the snazz and superciality of a social media-driven world that lives for likes and views. It actually challenges the agenda-seeking behavior that seeps through so much of what we post and share in our curated Facebook accounts.

It actually made me think about “What is my truth?”

Aprilyn’s character epitomizes honesty and authenticity that feels so lacking nowadays. She exudes the freedom of someone unafraid to speak her truth – a lesson Raffy learns along the way and eventually sets him free – liberating him to fearlessly face his personal and professional “truths”.

Sarah and John Lloyd’s connection is actually what makes the film watchable, and it does not disappoint. It offers audiences all the right kiligs and tender moments of the pair just gazing into each other’s eyes or playing with flour that will make your bones turn to mush.

All in all, the film is what your heart hoped it would be, a light and loveable comeback of a pair that captured our hearts almost a decade ago. It hits the all the right love notes and tackles a theme that goes deeper than merely we-had-the-right-love-at-the-wrong-time kind of theme.

After watching the film, it successfully makes you wonder and think about the question that Aprilyn posed – 

What about you, what is your truth?”


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