My 34 Cents in 34 Years

  1. Love as if love never ends.
  2. Create time for family.
  3. Your mom will always be your best friend.
  4. Hubbies are God’s gift to show who you can still become.
  5. Motherhood is never final.
  6. Work to be recognized, but more importantly, work to self-actualize.
  7. Friendships should never feel forced.
  8. Prayer time is cultivated and prioritized above all.
  9. Marriage is God journeying with you both in love. 
  10. Trials are embraced, for it is in tasting bitter that we appreciate what’s sweet.
  11. Live life unapologetically.
  12. If you can, give.
  13. God gives us everything, all He asks is faith.
  14. It is in silence that we find the answers.
  15. Sing like there’s no tomorrow.
  16. Enjoy a cup of really good cappuccino.
  17. Great things happen when you believe.
  18. Money should always be a means to propel love, not stifle it.
  19. When you listen to your heart, you listen to what’s true.
  20. You will meet people who’ll break your heart, but have people who will help mend it together 
  21. In trial, ask, “What do I need to work on Lord?”
  22. Find time to be alone with your thoughts.
  23. When you are gifted a best friend, cherish the gift for the rest of your life.
  24. It is human to envy, but wipe it immediately with gratefulness.
  25. If someone hurts you, hurt for awhile but don’t dwell on it. Life wasn’t made to focus on the pain, but what you become because of it.
  26. Remember: You. Are. Special. (Repeat)
  27. Smile. When you wake up and before going to sleep.
  28. Mindfully experience the “moments”.
  29. Opportunities come to you because God intended it.
  30. Be confident in your gifts but humble in your prayers.
  31. Remember, your work should always lift you up, not tear you down.
  32. Find your truth first so you will never have to lie.
  33. Embrace differences and smile in spite of them.
  34. In the end, what matters is how well you lived.

Embracing You

I suffer from an ironic kind of dichotomy. 

I love myself yet I know that I do not really love myself. Though I like who I became, I cannot say I am fully embracing who I really am.

I am very competitive, yet I hold myself back every time I want to be the center of attention.

I am very outspoken. Though I bite my tongue when I am not very comfortable with my environment.

I love presenting to people, yet I do not necessarily take the opportunity to shine more often, taking a backseat, wanting to be in the sidelines.

I believe I can be a good host, a good speaker, a good presenter, but I shy away when asked, only letting go fully when I am forced to present. 

I love how I drive for results, but I tend to slow down for fear of wanting too much.

I feel guilty with wanting to be on top of the corporate ladder – for fear of not being a good mom.

I hold myself accountable for aiming so high. I hold back thinking it is so prideful.

I shy away from opportunities to shine for fear of being “out there” too much.

I deliberately try to be low key. But I really am not.

I do not know why but I feel like I am not fully free.

I love some people who are extremely comfortable in their own skin, and show so much of themselves, uncaring and unapologetic.

I feel like I filter more than I need to. For fear of judgment. For fear of being talked about.

I fear rejection, not being able to belong. I fear dreaming too big, too fast, even if I know in my heart I am capable, and I have the gift for it.

I know I can go a long way, but I set lower expectations for fear that wanting so much means that I am not content with where I am and where God put me.

I realize that anything less than my perceived potential and what I am capable of is injustice because God expects us to multiply His gifts, not keep it hidden. For He gave these gifts always for good.

For what is a gift if unused?

A potential if untapped?

A dream if unrealized?

A goal if unaccomplished?

And so I pray to God to give me the courage to shed off a little bit of “me” everyday, letting go and letting it be.

I shouldn’t be afraid. Because God made us and God never, ever, makes mistakes.