#Du30 to Do-30: 30 Things to Change from Within

Riding on the hyped and much talked about win of (arguably) one of the most popular presidentiables in recent years, I decided to create my own version of the (hashtag) Du30 – aptly called “Do-30”.

What is it?

“Do-30” is definitely not intended as a bio of president-elect, nor a political analysis of why he chose his publicized cabinet members to date.

My very own “Do-30” is a list of 30 things I am hoping (no, scratch that), I am committing to achieve to signify my individual pledge to be part of Duterte’s much-celebrated and hoped for (must I dare say prayed for) campaign for change which as everyone knows, was the single definitive reason why he won the hearts (and votes) of millions of Filipinos.

My “Do-30” List:

1) I will not be tempted to offer a bribe to a traffic enforcer who gives me a ticket for whatever out-of-this world reason he can think of.

2) I will try and follow all the rules and processes in a government agency, no matter how unreasonable, without muttering a single, sarcastic remark to any government officer who is processing my document. Believe me, this is extremely difficult.

3) I will not befriend anyone from any government agency, offering any form of reward, to “expedite” the process so I can finish at half the time.

4) I will follow the red traffic light. From now on, it means stop. And not “check if there’s an MMDA and drive quickly if there’s none since there’s no incoming car yet”.

5) I will not drink and drive. Not even with 2 bottles.

6) I will not hold my phone with one hand and the steering wheel with another, even if I can.

7) I will follow simple pedestrian rules like no crossing even if would take me an extra 5 to 10 mins to go up the overpass to cross.

8) I will pray for local officials who gatekeep our well-earned tax money, may they be strong enough to resist the temptation of greed and wealth.

9) I will take the extra mile to look for a local equivalent of a certain product at least once every other purchase.

10) I will aim to pay small kindness to people who provide us service – like in fastfoods and restos.

11) I will absorb all issues (political, social, economic) with a grain of salt. Be mindful that media nowadays are not 100% bias-free (pardon my French). Research issues, be in the know. We need more rational than emotional Filipinos taking a stand – and acting on it.

12) I will remember our history. Leverage the internet, look up your leaders. How capable are they? What are the policies they care about? What do we know about their agenda? Are they more popular than valuable? Ask questions – that is what our Facebook news feed is for.

13) I will speak up – not based on what I feel but based on analyzed data and verified information.

Not all web articles shared by friends are legit, some are done by paid-per-word propagandists who stir up emotions than induce thought.

14) I will care about the country. And I mean, really care about it. Find time to uplift what’s good in Filipinos rather than dwell on what’s bad.

15) I will care about the environment. I mean, really, what is so hard with throwing your trash in the trash bin. Seriously? Seeing trash right beside a bin is gravely disappointing. Who do you expect to pick up for you?

16) I will talk about issues more than I talk about people.

17) I will harness my talent. We all have it. The question is – what are we doing with our talent to make our community and not just our companies – better?

18) I won’t ask people to change if I don’t stand up for that same change I hope to see.

19) I will think long-term. I will not dwell on tagpi solutions. I have a brain bigger than other animals for a reason.

20) I will abide by community over Individualism. There’s no other way.

22) I will ask instead of bash. Media are not the only people allowed to ask questions. If you wish to ask a public figure, go to his Facebook account, and ask.

23) Be the change you want to see. If you haven’t changed, then shut the hell up.

24) I will give respect to gain respect.

25) I will learn to discourse. I will befriend those who oppose me.

26) I will pay it forward because I know a little kindness goes a long way.

27) I will practice a little integrity because I know it goes a long way.

28) I will read everyday because the world wide web was not only made for selfies, likes and retweets.

29) I will practice prudence in thought and speech.

30) I will pray whole-heartedly. In the end, goodness always prevails. No matter how long, how far, how difficult, how excruciating, how long-winding – my God, our God, always, always wins.

Feel free to comment and post your own “Do-30”. May this jump-start a self-reflective journey towards not just expecting a single President to change the country for us, but to ignite our very own personalized journey for that same change we hope to experience with every single change in leadership.

Until my next post. 👊