Life As A Business

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Core Values
  • Financial Viability (positive P&L) 🙂
  • Capability (Competencies)
  • (Personal) Brand Equity
  • “Consumer” Loyalty – repeat business
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • Sustainability
  • Social Responsibility

Saturday Solitude


Mom and Dad are not here. Just our family. It feels so good to be truly at home.

Don’t get me wrong, i love them both. But I don’t get ro be myself at home where it’s supposed to matter.


Hopefully we can have one of our own, in God’s time.

I hope to have Milo grow up beautifully. Happy. Grace-filled.

I love our Church here. So solemn. It feels like my 2nd home.


I hope Lord every penny I give multiplies to fulfill Your plan for others. I hope others feel You through Your money coursed through me.


It always feels difficult. I guess it is. But it is also extremely fulfilling.

I love my job. It keeps me alive. It makes me extremely fulfilled knowing I did something to impact others. Maybe small. But still with impact.


I aim to grow and evolve further as a professional. I have a lot to learn and I hope to get there slowly, steadily. Promotions will come. Opportunities will be given. I just have to focus on what is most important – personal impact.


My tummy aches but it is a sacrifice I am willing to take. I love coffee. It keeps my life afloat amidst the pressure to perform.


Difficult but necessary. Requiring self denial, lots and lots of times. But it is always worth it.


Is short. Is meaningful. Is eventful. Is necessary. Is offered. Is lived. Is beautiful. Is vibrant. Its filled with everything that is good. And true. And In God.


Moments of impact. Good coffee. A hearty laugh. A needed smile. A warm hug. A job well done. A pat on the back. A sincere compliment. A life changing converation.


Aspired for. Hoped for. Lived for. I hope to see God and Jesus there. With me. In me. All around me.


For a brighter future. For songs sung. For clouds seen. For countries experienced. For people met. For friends. For family. For truth. Always, for truth.


Hoping. Praying. Living. Trying. Understanding. Embracing. Trusting. In Him. Always, in Him



I got SP+ today. I think I deserve better but what the heck.

Work shouldn’t be everything to me.

I should start going to the gym again. I should. I will.

I should start saving. Planning my budget and sticking to it.

I am a people pleaser. Jam spends a LOT. I mean A LOT.

I aim to please him. I am not taking control of our finances. He is not saving up. He is not providing. And he is not a good role model for saving. All he wants is fun. So I need to take control or I will end up loaning and loaning and loaning and loaning to sustain this lifestyle.

I felt depressed when I saw how my credit card bills pills up. At least 10k a month of loan.

At least 10 to 15k a month on loan.

That is not good.

That, is not good.

I will take control. I will take control. I will take control.

I will earn more. I will earn more. I will, earn more. Not to work more (money is constant), but to spend less.

In doing so, I stress less, if I stress less, I don’t work harder than how I should work because I am not pressured.

If i am not pressured, work feels more like fun than work. Then I actually perform better, network more, and have more fun in the process.

That opened my eyes.

I overspend. Our lifestyle does not match our income. Coupled with Jam’s parents as added burden, which we did not prepare for, everything is a mess.

But I will take control. I will take control. And they are only here only for another month or so.

I will take control. I will take responsibility. I will work smart (not hard). I will spend less. I will say NO.

I will, say NO.





Lunch and Learn with Ram

[ ] Storms pass
[ ] Prioritize based on risk and impact
[ ] Pause breathe and be calm
[ ] Im not the smartest – but putting the smartest ppl in the room – listen (not agree) so you know something new
[ ] Ask for help (move out your ego)
[ ] Not attack each other but work out a solution
[ ] We dont ask ppl for help enough
[ ] You cannot not communicate enough (overindex during challenging times)
[ ] System 1 – emotional (99%)* highly dependent on communication
[ ] System 2 – post-rationalizing
[ ] Celebrate small wins
[ ] Have a shared priority list with your stakeholder – not more than 5 (priorities and not objectives) at the start of the year (dec jan feb) – align on what we will do – put measures
[ ] 75 plan 25 execute
[ ] Easy to blame others, harder to see what I can change