I think life is a necessary struggle between our 5 selves:

  • Who you think you are (Self-perception)
  • Who you want people to see (Image)
  • Who you are (Natural state)
  • Who you’ve become (Adapted state)
  • Who God intended you to be (Purpose)

Daily AHAs

I look back at the unhappiness.

I look back and realize, it was not unhappiness per se but lack of understanding.

Lack of understanding on Your plan. Your grace. Your truth. Because I keep on thinking of myself.

Myself and not You.

The Gospel talked about leprosy yesterday. I felt/ am feeling like a leper. In a different form. But when you come to think about it, being a leper is not so bad.

Shunned but a sharer of His suffering.

Excluded but saved.

Suffering but grace-filled.

For I continue to trudge on, with hope, and love, in faith, secured, in You, for You, because of You.

So, thank You – for letting me see.

I do not fully see yet, but I am starting to. Slowly revealed as long as my heart stays in tune, for You, in You, with You.


When It Starts

When I start thinking about resigning, it seems as if it is only a matter of time.

And I start thinking about it.

Best time is on my 3rd year.

Help me Lord. Listen to you, hope in you. As I find myself journeying toward better things.

I hope and I pray, that I will be led to better things.

I look forward to it Lord – with an open heart and mind, that only You can make it better. And that I offer it to You, above all.