My 34 Cents in 34 Years

  1. Love as if love never ends.
  2. Create time for family.
  3. Your mom will always be your best friend.
  4. Hubbies are God’s gift to show who you can still become.
  5. Motherhood is never final.
  6. Work to be recognized, but more importantly, work to self-actualize.
  7. Friendships should never feel forced.
  8. Prayer time is cultivated and prioritized above all.
  9. Marriage is God journeying with you both in love. 
  10. Trials are embraced, for it is in tasting bitter that we appreciate what’s sweet.
  11. Live life unapologetically.
  12. If you can, give.
  13. God gives us everything, all He asks is faith.
  14. It is in silence that we find the answers.
  15. Sing like there’s no tomorrow.
  16. Enjoy a cup of really good cappuccino.
  17. Great things happen when you believe.
  18. Money should always be a means to propel love, not stifle it.
  19. When you listen to your heart, you listen to what’s true.
  20. You will meet people who’ll break your heart, but have people who will help mend it together 
  21. In trial, ask, “What do I need to work on Lord?”
  22. Find time to be alone with your thoughts.
  23. When you are gifted a best friend, cherish the gift for the rest of your life.
  24. It is human to envy, but wipe it immediately with gratefulness.
  25. If someone hurts you, hurt for awhile but don’t dwell on it. Life wasn’t made to focus on the pain, but what you become because of it.
  26. Remember: You. Are. Special. (Repeat)
  27. Smile. When you wake up and before going to sleep.
  28. Mindfully experience the “moments”.
  29. Opportunities come to you because God intended it.
  30. Be confident in your gifts but humble in your prayers.
  31. Remember, your work should always lift you up, not tear you down.
  32. Find your truth first so you will never have to lie.
  33. Embrace differences and smile in spite of them.
  34. In the end, what matters is how well you lived.

I Promise Myself

When we think about the word promise, we think about promises made to others…

“I promise you…”

Seldom do we view it in context of what we need to promise ourselves. 

And we should.

So here’s a list of 10 things I promise myself, from now on:

  1. Manage your time. Every second counts.
  2. Pray everyday.
  3. Be kind. To yourself first then to others.
  4. Relax. Breathe. Be.
  5. See the world.
  6. Be unafraid to be yourself.
  7. If anyone makes you feel bad, walk away. 
  8. Love. And love some more.
  9. Money is a only a means to an end.
  10. Stay true to your core.

In the end, God made you who you are and what you are. Be unapologetic with what you think is right, as long as it is good for you and for others.

Stop pleasing people. Only aim to please your God.

In the end, you are only accountable to Him who is the start and end of everything.

Be not afraid. Be not afraid. Be not afraid.

What’s the worst that can happen? Die? Realize that there’s no such thing as death to one who lives his life in God’s ways. For the end is only the beginning of a reward that is everlasting.

And I promise myself to see beyond the labor pains of the now and start living in the beauty of the ever after, in God and with God. The one and the only.

And I will live this beautiful promise, starting today.

Stick to The Impossible

I pray to a great God whose power is only fit for what is impossible to man.

Here are my top 10 Mission Impossible, but not to Him who made heaven and earth:

  1. Travel to 50 countries before I die
  2. Earn five times more at half the time 
  3. Own a resort and live there
  4. Papa & Mama & Mommy & Daddy to stay in the resort for their retirement
  5. Own a condo for Manila trips
  6. Speak publicly and get paid for it
  7. Write a book
  8. Own a photography studio
  9. Milo to be a priest
  10. Jam and I to grow old together

    And I believe these will all come true, in God’s perfect time.

    10 Things I Learned After 10 Years of Working

    1. Money can never buy fulfillment and engagement.

    2. You will always find horrible bosses and co-workers. But you need not be a horrible version of you to survive. Bombard them instead with kindness and empathy, no matter how difficult, and it will surely pay off in the long run.

    3. Look at how you spend your time. Do you have time left for what’s important? Or better yet, carve out time for the most important relationships in your life. Work commitments should always come after.

    4. Do not treat work as your whole life. It isn’t. Neither should your self-worth be anchored on what you do. Rather, we should give importance to who we are with what we do. Character over position.

    5. Stay true to your core. Politics is real. But authenticity will always take precedence over politicking if you work hard enough to overcome the challenges.

    6. Do not apple pick what you received from your previous companies. Let go. There’s a reason why you left in the first place. Appreciate the promise of the future.

    7. Do not be too in love with yourself and what you’ve achieved – everything came from God. Your skills, talents and abilities. Everything.

    8. Stay humble. Or learn to humble yourself again and again no matter how far up the ladder you are.

    9. Restrain yourself from working purely for money. Wealth can be taken away in the blink of an eye. But who you are inside will remain with you forever.

    10. Find your contribution and do it with all your heart.

    17 Things I Learned Before Turning 32

    With the trend nowadays of publishing “list-icles” (list-articles), I create my own list of 17 things I learned looking back at the last 32 years of my life, or maybe, more specifically, looking back at the last 2 months I had the chance to reset and re-assess where I am, where I’ve been, and where I hope to be.

    I know there are (and will be) more, but as of June 12, 2015 – fitting that it coincided with our Independence Day – do I realize these 17 things which mark my own celebration of my personal independence and freedom from anything and everything that is weighing me down, one way or another.

    So, here goes – the 17 freaking things I learned before turning 32.

    1. I learned that sometimes, all you have to do is see things through.

    2. I learned that to get somewhere, you must have first planted the seeds and toil it out. That it will not be as easy for you as you would like.

    3. I learned that time is currency in itself, and I need to weigh out the relative importance and significance of every single thing I will do if it will add to my life cup and only do things where I can say to myself after, regardless of outcome, “That was worth it.”

    4. I learned to be kind, most especially to myself.

    5. I learned that a perfect world does not exist. Perfection (or otherwise) is created only in the mind.

    6. I learned to qualify my relationships and make amends, that being in a meaningful relationship with people is much more important that being in a relationship with your bank account.

    7. I learned the trans-formative power of God’s word, where I get my strength each and every day when I feel down and out.

    8. I learned that it’s OK to make a mistake, or think that you made a mistake. 
    At the end of the day, it’s not the mistake that is important, but how you picked yourself up from the mistake and pull yourself back together from kissing pavements.

    9. I learned that I needed to heal what needs to be healed in my life – relationships I have been putting off or have placed in the back-burner because of work that never loved me back.

    10. I learned that often, we need to really experience what’s real, and actually go through the often difficult exercise to realize that you were, or have been, in a good position all along.

    11. I learned to trust, that God never intends for unhappiness to pervade in our lives. He never wants to see us lonely. He not once wished ill or misfortune or regret to envelope our thoughts.

    Sometimes, you just have to make room and wait, smiling and patient, and allow Him to create even bigger miracles than you can ever imagine.

    12. I learned that God can change your life in an instant, only if you allow Him to.

    13. I learned that you must first learn to be at peace with who you are – good and bad, right or wrong, rich or poor – and trust, that you are exactly where He intended you to be, no more no less.

    14. I learned to let go of the past to be at peace with the future, because I can never be fully accept what’s to come if I am still holding to what I lost.

    15. I learned to pull myself together every time I feel like disintegrating, which is most of the time, every single day.

    16. I learned that no matter how much we take control, we never truly can, not without His grace.

    17. And I learned that you will never be able to fully and truly know yourself – who you are inside out. Only God can do that.

    And with that, I wait for 2 more months before finally turning 32 and officially not being in the Gregorian calendar anymore.

    Calendar or not, I will hold on to these 17 things and look forward to 32 more years in this life and beyond, patting myself on the back and reassuring myself that it will always, always be alright.